Masters in Social Work (LSW)

The Master of Social Work (MSPW) program was designed to train people for careers in social work. The program is now available as an online course. Prior to enrolling, there are many prerequisites that must be met. If you meet these requirements, you can then register for the online course and begin your degree.

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a two-year professional degree for those who want to teach social work or practice it as a profession. Those who intend on entering the profession as teachers in schools, community organizations, government, and other social work settings must enroll in this degree course. Like the BSW, those who wish to become administrators in various school settings must enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW). It is also a two-year professional degree, but it has specializations, unlike the BSW.

The major focus of the Masters in Social Work program is to prepare students to pursue a graduate degree in social work or any other area of specialization. Students must identify career goals, develop a plan of action and complete all requirements if required. When selecting the program, it is important to consider your personal interests, professional goals, and what suits your particular needs and lifestyle. Some of the coursework may require that you locate institutions offering the Masters in Social Work degree.

Most programs are offered by colleges or universities in the United States. There are over 400 colleges that offer the Masters in Social Work program. Each one offers different concentration areas, which are centered on different areas of the profession. Many scholars have their own personal areas of specialization, which led to the creation of specific concentrations within the Masters in Social Work program.

One of the concentrations is Applied Behavior Analysis, which is for scholars that already possess a master’s in psychology, but wish to specialize in social work. This advanced practice is for those that have additional training in an area not included in their master’s in psychology. Applied Behavior Analysis is usually offered by the University of Michigan. Students will study the causes and models of behavior, focusing on its influences on humans as a whole.

Another concentration is the Master of Social Work (M SWW). This advanced field placement is for those that desire to become certified as a social worker or someone who wishes to be certified as a social worker. For those that want to become certified as a social workers, they must first complete two years at an accredited school of social work practice and earn their master’s degree. Students can choose to participate in either a classroom setting or an internship through the program. During their internship, students will learn about case management techniques, develop skills in evaluation, and learn techniques and strategies for organizational change.

For those who complete their master’s in social work (M SWW) and are interested in pursuing a career within the field of public health or within the government, they must complete one year of advanced courses at a university. Some of the coursework may include community health, community organizing, social action research, and analysis for a master’s degree. The advanced courses will prepare students for field placement, licensing, and certification.

Completion of the master’s degree and completion of any related APSW courses bring the student into a unique situation where they qualify for LSW or MSW credentials. The certification process takes about two years from the date of your bachelor’s degree. For students currently employed, the certification process moves more quickly, and credits are earned faster. Once you have reached the age of sixty-five or older, you have the option to enroll in a master’s program in social work, which usually requires a bachelor’s degree, but no GRE scores.

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